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Teleport Effects

[Owner] JeepSmash ao posted Feb 11, 17

Graphic by CakeyCaden, Jeep Built by JeepSmash

Contact JeepSmash about joining our TQM Team to bring about a new era in JeepCraft

MachineForge has been launched. Dozens of new items added with more to come.
Players can now use /pettp to teleport their pets with them
Valentine Event kicking off in approx 30 minutes!
2 new Fun imporvements to game mechanics. 1. Players can now steal armor/tools from mobs, just sneak up behind them and left click them with an empty hand. 2. Gravel and Sand now form piles instead of columns when falling
You can search for jeepcraft within teamspeak to connect the easiest or use the IP listed here [link]
Whats the teamspeak ip? (if there is one)
Currently having issues launching minecraft, might not be on today
Love Arrows have been introduced into the Archers Forge, New teleport effects have been unleashed. Check out the donation store for the Valentines Sale, Teleport Effcts pack and Super Arrow Packs
JeepVenture has begun. The team is assembling. Join now to help direct this Server into its next generation of Fun and Adventure
Me at end of day: darn it forgot to vote
You do not have access to shout.
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