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Contact JeepSmash about joining our TQM Team to bring about a new era in JeepCraft

Over 10k page views, GG JeepCraft :)
Just Launched the XRAY Generator in the Machine Forge
/rtp [<biome>] is now a thing. Let /rtp do the work of finding the perfect biome for you.
Paintball has officially been launched
I expanded and updated the plugins tab. I now have 33 of my plugins listed :)
MachineForge has been launched. Dozens of new items added with more to come.
Players can now use /pettp to teleport their pets with them
Valentine Event kicking off in approx 30 minutes!
You do not have access to shout.
[Admin] qvister21   created a new thread Allowed & Forbidden Mods/Clients in the Survival forum
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AzureSwan   created a new thread I need help making this banner. in the Survival forum
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MinerMC   created a new thread Im gonna miss ya, jeepcraft in the General Discussion forum
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